Friend and Foe

It's your hair's worst enemy and makes you miserable during the hot summer months, but it's your skin's best friend during the winter: humidity. Scientifically speaking, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Too much makes my hair look like a poodle's and too little makes my skin dry and flaky. During the fall and winter, we turn on the heat to keep it nice and toasty inside. This dry heat zaps any moisture in the air within your home and causes dry skin, chapped lips, and even nose bleeds.

During the winter in NYC it can get pretty chilly, and I feel like the wind is always blowing (doesn't seem to be the case during the summer when it's hot and there's no sign of a breeze at all). Combine the brutal weather outdoors with the dry air inside and it's the worst scenario for my skin. My skin becomes tight, itchy,'s just really gross. Sometimes, even my favorite serums, exfoliators, and moisturizers can't beat it. What's the solution? Putting more moisture in the air in my home to give my skin some relief.

Air Innovations Clean Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier. Source:

I'm a huge fan of cool mist humidifiers for several reasons. I have one like the above next to my bed and I crank it all the way up when I lay down at night. I normally don't use it during the summer, but I can tell by my skin when it's time to start. It puts the necessary moisture back into the air inside and my skin looks refreshed, smooth, and dewy. Plus, Dennis even notices how much better he breaths at night and he doesn't wake up coughing and hacking when I have the humidifier running. Even more, it's so relaxing to have the mist delicately fall over your face while you're winding down from your day and you start drifting off to sleep. My humidifier is silent as well, so it doesn't disrupt my sleep. One full tank will last through the night if I have the the humidity control turned all the way up, and it has a ceramic filter that doesn't need replacing. Now, I have to get one for my office as well!

Who would have thought a humidifier is a skincare must-have?!

 My mom gave me this humidifier for Christmas several years ago, and it has been one of the best gifts ever. Thanks Mom :)

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