Shades of Green

Do you ever play around with makeup? Or do you just stick to your normal routine with the same shades and colors? I like trying new things, and makeup is no exception. I have bluish-green eyes, so I usually stick with eyeshadow in golds and purples because those are true compliments to my eye color...but I thought I'd try something different today and played around with some green shades. I also did some highlighting and contouring as well using different shades of foundation instead of a bronzer and concealer. I wasn't sure how well the green would work with my eyes, I didn't want the colors to clash and look stupid, but it actually made my eyes look brighter. I was super excited with the results and decided to share it with you!

Here's what I used to create the above look:
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage as an eyeshadow primer
Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation as a highlighter
MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation as a contour
Tarte Cheek Stain
Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Super Shimmer in daybreak, sparkling sage, and peacock
Clinique Surge Eye Shadow Stay Matte in slate as an eyeliner
NARS Illuminator
Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara
Armani Rouge D'Armani Lipstick
Armani Eyebrow Pencil

Here's another photo...using a vibrant filter to make the colors!

Rebel (T-Shirt) Without a Cause

Happy New Year!