Ballerina Bun

First, I'd like to apologize for not posting anything recently...I've been crazy busy lately between work, breaking a sweat at the gym to get in shape for vacation, catching up with friends, etc. I wish I had more time to work on my blog, but unfortunately, I don't.

Second, please pardon my mediocre photoshop images...I recently purchased a beautiful new camera and was gifted Photoshop I'm playing with it and learning on my own.


Now, let's talk about buns! This hairdo saves me on my third day between shampooing. If I wear my hair curly, it's usually a weird mess by the third day, and if I straightened it, it isn't so straight anymore. I can't win! This bun is so ridiculously easy to create, and all you need is sock and a ponytail holder. Click each image below for detailed instructions:

If I flat iron my hair, it's too slippery to spread around the sock and I'm left with huge gaps, so I use a texterizing spray or dry shampoo to give it some "grip". 

A great way to finish the look is with a cute headband or a flower clip. Easy and chic!

Tee Dress

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