Things Are Changing...

Six months seem to have gone by so quickly! I feel like I just blink and weeks have passed. One reason or another kept me from publishing weekly posts and updating my blog, but I'm back and eager to start posting again! 

Over the past several weeks I've considered changing things up a bit. I love writing and expressing my thoughts and opinions, and I don't want to write only about fashion and beauty. There is so much more out there to talk about, and having the freedom to write about a variety of subjects opens up new opportunities and experiences. I know the general "rule" for bloggers is to stick to one category, but I don't necessarily like rules when it comes to creativity. I also toyed with the notion of changing the name of my blog. Typically, changing your brand identifier is a marketing no-no, but Sincerely Obsessed didn't really fit the bill for the new direction on my blog. I casually approached this brainstorming activity..I didn't want to force anything (I've learned it's best to let these things happen organically). Lots of names were in consideration. Most names came to me while dozing off at night, so I'd quickly jot the new candidate down with one eye open. Eventually, I settled on To The Fullest. I wanted something that coincided with my goal of making the most of each day, truly pursuing a life of happiness, and becoming a better, stronger, positive person. 

Bottom line, I just want to do what makes me happy...and why not blog about all of the things that bring me joy? My increasing interest and enjoyment from photography, my adventures in cooking (I'm not terrible, I just hate cooking in my ridiculously small kitchen), my struggle with waking up with positive thoughts each day, or the laughable amount of hair products in my arsenal...whatever I want to write about. 

To my devoted readers, I hope you stick around and thank you so much for your support of Sincerely Obsessed. To my new readers, welcome! To all readers, I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you! 

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