Memorial Day

The long weekend has unfortunately come and gone. Giant sad face. Why do they have to go by so quickly? There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done during the week. So, once the weekend finally shows up,  I just want to relax and enjoy the days...especially since the weather has been quite nice lately. And that's exactly what I did yesterday...just enjoying being out and about in the city.


Remember those Rag & Bone boyfriend shorts I posted about last week? If not, check them out here....but while I was grabbing those, I also snatched this amazing mesh sleeve sweater. It's the yummiest fabric and is lightweight and fun and effortless and a million other things. I love it....a lot! I paired it with my Koral shorts from last summer. These are really cool because they're overdye (meaning the garment was dyed again on top of the indigo), and they're distressed. They're super comfy too...always a plus! Finished the look with my favorite casual kicks...grey lace up vans.


BTW, I'm obsessed with Pret's Ginger Beer...YUM!

This was Park Avenue South...loved the variety of colors!


Here's where you can shop my outfit (except the shorts were last year...but I found fun colors at Forever 21 with a fun faded wash).

Summer Wardrobe Must Haves

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