A Day in Brooklyn

A Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn happens to be the most populous of the New York City boroughs, and I can sadly count on two hands how many times I've made the trip across the river in my eight years of living here. I have several friends that live in some of Brooklyn's best neighborhoods (Park Slope, Williamsburg, Vinegar Hill), but I'm just completely lazy and don't venture out of Manhattan that often. And don't be quick to judge...it's not because I'm too good for Brooklyn...I'm honest when I say "I'm just lazy."  

Well my friend, Melissa, pulled a guilt trip on me last weekend (kidding....sort of) because I've never seen her new place nor really spent time in her neighborhood. In my defense, I did go to her surprise 30th birthday party, which was in Brooklyn on a hot Sunday afternoon in August. So it's not like I've been completely avoiding her! BTW, the frozen vodka was delish and quite refreshing on such a sweltering day. 


Not to disappoint, I agreed to a day in Brooklyn. It took me an hour to get there: bus, subway, and walk (let's be honest...that alone is why I don't leave Manhattan often...a whole hour just in travel time to go 9 miles from my apartment), and I was famished. We immediately headed out to brunch to start my official Day In Brooklyn!

First stop was at Stone Park Cafe for some Brooklyn brunch. Who doesn't love brunch? The food was great (I had a childhood favorite: biscuits and gravy..mmm) and we started boozing with bloody mary's. 


Next up were manis. My nails were in desperate need of some TLC, plus I picked up an Essie matte top coat I was dying to try.

Love the matte finish, but I have to say it wears off quickly. Not even a week later and my nails are back to shiny (mental note to self: reapply matte top coat).



I absolutely love the stained glass at this wine and liquor store. Of course we had to go in, and after a bottle of Reisling and rum from a local distillery, we headed on to our next destination.


The Double Windsor

"What do you drink in the winter?" Melissa asked

"Umm...the same things I drink in the summer!" I replied.

I had my first warm apple cider with spiced rum. OMG! How did I not know of this sooner? Warm, toasty, and buzzed. I want one right now! 


Now on to the food! We stopped by this quaint little tapas spot close to Melissa's apartment and indulged in a few small plates. So, so good! La Botaneria


And finished up with one last adult beverage. All in all, a great day in BK!


Oh, and this happened. I couldn't help myself :)

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