Motivational Monday 02.09

For the past several weeks I've shared some type of motivational phrase on Instagram, and today I thought, "why not dedicate a blog post each Monday?"

We all have our ups and downs in life, and sometimes it can seem like there's more downs than ups. It's in times like these when you need an extra push, something to keep you on track. Whether it be your job, finances, a relationship, weight loss - whatever...we all need a little motivation. So, welcome to Motivational Mondays!


It's so true. I'm guilty, we all are. We're human and it's programmed into us to compare ourselves to others. However, how far you take that comparison is unique to you. If you let it consume you and run your life, that's a're spending your time yearning for things that so-and-so has and that you believe will make you happy. What a waste of time, right? Instead of accepting the comparison for what it is and moving on, finding joy and happiness in the things we DO have. I'm sure it's easier said than are most things in life.

Each day is not guaranteed, and I for one don't want to waste any second dwelling on the fact that I don't and never will have a Gisele body, a trillion dollars (I'd still like to have a million though), or be a mathematical genius.

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The Five Minute Face

The Five Minute Face