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I'm excited to share a new product I've tried and absolutely love! Keeping up with the latest skincare trends, I've been eager to try these oils that are popping up in so many skincare lines. Over the summer I tried a small bottle of Josie Maran's Argan Oil, but didn't really notice a difference in my skin. Could have been because the bottle was so small and I used it up within a few days....??? Quite possible.

Anyway...when I was at Sephora grabbing the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush, this little purple bottle caught my eye. It was called Maracuja Oil. Fate intervened because a Tarte representative was actually in the store and we started chatting about the oil and what it could do for my skin. My ridiculously sensitive, dry skin.



I know what you're probably thinking...put oil directly on your face? Seriously? It's like I'm asking for my pores to clog and my face be a slippery, greasy mess. It seems a bit extreme, yes, but trust me it's awesome! Since using this oil, my skin is so bright and glowy, my pores aren't nearly as noticeable, and I've actually gone a few days to work without foundation or tinted moisturizer. It's made my skin look THAT good.

So what is Maracuja Oil? It's oil that is cold pressed from an Amazonian super fruit that grows along the banks of the river. It has natural anti-aging properties, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids, which all help create and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Yeah, it's pricey...but you don't need much at all so it'll last you quite some time. I also use this on my hair to keep the ends hydrated. More bang for your buck!

You can read more and purchase Tarte's Maracuja Oil here:

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