Back to the Basics

How can I write a blog about my skincare obsession and not start with the first and most crucial step in skincare 101? Your skin is a blank've got to make sure it's in tip-top shape before slathering makeup all over it. Otherwise, you'll never achieve the "flawless face" that's so popular today. 

My skincare regimen has changed drastically over the years...especially after moving to NYC and trying to figure out how to care for my dry skin during the cold winters. Now don't get me wrong, moisturizing and treating are definitely important steps in skincare, but I've found that how I cleanse my skin makes such a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. I swear by this gadget and don't go on trips without it! 

My mother introduced it to me (she's a product whore as well...she just doesn't admit to it). She saw a demonstration on TV and ordered one for my younger sister. I traveled home to Mississippi during Christmas and found this little monster in the bathroom. I was curious and eager to try it out. I have dry, sensitive skin, so I was concerned the bristles and the movement would irritate my delicate skin. Not the case! I continued using it while I was at my parents', then after returning to NYC, I noticed that my skin didn't look the same. I first blamed it on coming back to such cold, dry weather, but finally realized it was the Clarisonic Mia 2 that I was missing. Immediately I purchased one at Sephora and it's become my skincare BFF.

Not to toot my own horn, but I get lots of compliments on my skin. I very rarely have a breakout (and if I do it's because I haven't cleansed with my Mia 2), and I have never gotten a professional facial. Don't really need one now with this thing!

Clarisonic Mia 2 with Delicate brush head

Ok, so enough about why I'm OBSESSED with this product, let's get technical.
You can buy the most expensive moisturizers and anti-aging products, but if you're not thoroughly cleansing your skin, you're wasting these products (and let's be honest...some of these amazing creams and treatments aren't cheap)! You must deep cleanse and get rid of the dirt, bacteria, and dead skin so your serums, creams, and moisturizers can be absorbed and more beneficial. Makes total sense, right? 

There are two speeds and a 1 minute timer that pulses to alert you to move to a different section of your face (20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek). There are also several types of brush heads to choose from (normal, deep pore, sensitive, gentle, and acne). I prefer the gentle brushes because my skin is so sensitive. Brushes should be changed every 3 months and you can buy twin packs. Oh, and another perk? It comes with a handy travel case so you can take this bad boy anywhere!

Here's my skin without any lazy Sundays with our boxer, Brooklyn =)

I swear by this mean little machine and it has completely changed my skin! I have even skin tone, my pores have minimized, and I'm getting the most from the rest of my skincare regimen. Check out the Clarisonic and Sephora websites.


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