Blazers & Baggy Pants

Theory blazer, James Perse tank, Buffalo David Bitton crop pant, Lauren Conrad shoes, Tory Burch messenger bag, Alex and Ani bracelets, Oliver Peoples sunglasses

You might think these two types of clothing don't belong together, but I believe they need each other. A tailored blazer can be too strict and professional. If not styled properly, you'll look like you're heading to the office and not a fun day out. Baggy pants, on the other hand, can look really sloppy. If the fit is wrong you'll look ridiculous, seriously. So a word of careful when buying these loose-fit bottoms...they may be trendy, but if the fit isn't right...WALK AWAY! Ok? Moving on...

 Now, if you put the two together they balance each other out. It's a look that's not sloppy because of the tailored blazer, and it's not too rigid due to the baggy pants. Be mindful of what top you wear underneath the blazer as well because if you need to remove the blazer, you still want to look chic. I chose the striped loose tank to still have a fun, relaxed look without being too oversized and frumpy.

Top off the look with a high platform heel. It's a must...period.

I also accessorized with some gold bracelets and my Tory Burch messenger bag (I'M OBSESSED WITH IT...will post about it soon). And the cherry on top is my Oliver People's sunglasses. Aviators would be a good look as well, but I chose the Oliver Peoples because they're just more feminine. I feel you should always have that feminine touch to your outfits.

Here's where you can find the above items:

Theory Gabe blazer
James Perse striped tank (not exactly the same, but close)
Buffalo David Bitton Misake crop pant
Lauren Conrad shoes (last season's, but here's some on ebay)
Tory Burch messenger bag
Alex and Ani bracelets
Oliver Peoples sunglasses (mine are several years old, but they have amazing new styles)

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