The Flawless Face

I'm obsessed with the flawless face...that beautiful, even, glowing, natural-looking radiance.  One of my pet peeves is seeing women with an inch-thick layer of foundation and powder on their face. What are you trying to hide and who do you think you're fooling? Heavy makeup is not meant for every day wear. It's meant for evening when the lights are dim, and on stage to make your features stand out. It's not to run errands or wear to work.

Let me share with you how I've been able to create the "flawless face". From my first post, you learned that a good skincare regimen is the foundation for great skin as well as great makeup. You'll never achieve the flawless look if you're not taking care of your skin! There are two products I swear by and each is suited for different needs: Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Both are extremely popular among celebrity makeup artists and receive rave reviews and editors' choice awards (both have consistently won InStyle's Beauty Awards). I'll break each one down.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer:

Credit: Sephora

I can't remember who introduced me to this product, but I should really thank them. I've been using this tinted moisturizer for at least 4 years now and it's one of my all-time favorite products. Laura Mercier is known for creating the "flawless face." What I love most about this product is how light it is. It goes on so smoothly and has a subtle shimmer that really makes your skin look alive, youthful, and bright. It also has SPF 20 to help protect against the damaging UV rays. Some of you may be thinking a tinted moisturizer just doesn't do the job, but you can build to the coverage you need (build gradually though and you may need to add a light dusting of powder so you don't look like a disco ball...or just use the regular tinted moisturizer that doesn't have the added shimmer). It really gives you a natural, glowy finish. I can't recommend this product enough!

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation:

Credit: Bloomingdales

I've just recently become obsessed with this product. I've read about it for quite some time, and I've never felt the need to shell out that kind of money for a foundation, but in the August 3rd edition of WWD, Armani's newest foundation formula, Maestro, was on the cover. So, me being the product whore, I decided to mozy over to Bloomingdales after work and see what Armani foundation is all about.

This product didn't win InStyle Magazine's Best Liquid Foundation award for nothing. It is clearly that and more! It has build-able coverage so if you are looking for something a bit sheer, not a problem! If you're looking for something with more coverage for uneven areas, piece of cake! The product is a silky liquid that melts into your skin for the easiest blending you'll ever find in a foundation. The best part? It lasts...all day...and all night. It doesn't slide off my face during the grotesquely hot, humid days in the city and never feels greasy or gooey on my skin.

The reason I'm discussing both of these products is because they can be used for separate occasions. I use the tinted moisturizer on weekends and days when I want a minimal makeup look. The foundation I use for work, going out, or when I feel I need the extra coverage. Both are fantastic products and will be permanently found in my makeup arsenal.

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