Rent The Runway

My 30th birthday was last week, and for such a milestone I wanted to look like a million bucks for my birthday dinner...but I didn't want to spend a million. I had a vision in my head: the perfect dress, bombshell hair, and fab makeup. Hair and makeup I could handle myself, but I was going to need a special dress. I wanted something beautiful and was my 30th birthday. Instead of spending several hundred dollars on a nice dress that would probably only be worn again on another rare occasion, I decided to use the services of Rent The Runway.

What is Rent The Runway? Pure genius is what it is. It's a website where you can rent the latest designer dresses and accessories to look fab for your special occasion, date, or night out with girlfriends. The best part? Renting these designer goods won't break the bank. I'm talking about dresses that would cost you $1,000 in the store...and you can rent them for $200 or less. There are several top designers to choose from, like Badgley Mischka, Viktor & Rolf, Herve Leger, and Versace Collection.

Badgley Mischka Orion Sequin Orbit Sheath dress

How does it work? It's ridiculously easy:
  • Sign up for a membership (it's free).
  • Browse by designer, price range, color, or style until you find the perfect dress. You can read user reviews to help select your size and RTR allows you to choose a 2nd size for free.
  • Choose your delivery date (best if you select a day or two before your event in case there's any fit issues). You can rent for 4 days or 8 days and if you rent a 2nd dress of equal or lesser value, it's only $25!
  • Returns are just as easy...the garments are delivered with a prepaid envelope, so all you have to do is put your rented outfits into the envelope and drop it in a mailbox. Rent The Runway takes care of the dry cleaning and will also cover any normal "wear and tear" issues. 

Your garments will arrive by messenger if you're located in NYC. Outside NYC, delivery is via FedEx or UPS. NYC orders can be delivered same day, but everywhere else is the following day. I received a sash of extra goodies, compliments of RTR, like fashion tape and accessory dots. I also received a sample of EOS shave cream (random, but the product whore in me loved it). 

My dress of choice: the Badgley Mischka Orion Sequin Orbit Sheath, which Carrie Underwood wore to the American Idol finale.


I felt so special during my dinner with the perfect trifecta: great hair, great makeup, and a great dress...thanks to Rent The Runway.

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