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I'm taking a challenge...a no-shampoo challenge. I've seen the demos on QVC (my guilty pleasure on Saturday mornings...don't judge me) and the late night infomercials when I can't sleep, and now I'm ready to give up shampoo for 30 days and see what WEN Haircare can really do.

I used to have super thick hair, but the older I get, the thinner my hair gets. I've also noticed it's incapable of growing past a certain length, which drives me crazy. Each time I visit the salon to get a trim, I feel like more than a trim takes place. My ends become so dry, dead, and split that anything that just grew gets chopped off. It's a vicious, endless cycle. I don't have the best relationship with my hair...but in all honestly, who does?

Back to the challenge...

Over the past year or so I've been introduced to products that claim to be without harsh detergents and parabens, specifically sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent that's in almost every single shampoo on the shelves (go the back of your shampoo's listed right there as the 2nd ingredient)'s what creates the foaming effect. It's super cheap and super bad for your hair. I've tried several brands of "sulfate free" shampoos, and out of curiosity have wondered how these products can foam without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate. The answer: it's little friend sodium laureth sulfate. It's basically the same sneaky! After reading the ingredients lists on so many shampoos, I decided to completely stay away from anything that had sodium and sulfate together as an ingredient.


Enter WEN harsh chemicals and no crazy and cheap detergents that will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. I picked up the WEN Healthy Hair kit at Sephora last weekend and decided to make the commitment of not shampooing for 30 days. It's only been seven days so far, but I don't think this is really going to be a difficult challenge for me. I love how the cleansing conditioner feels in my hair. It doesn't lather, but instantly makes my hair feel super soft and smooth. My hair feels clean and doesn't look greasy or oily. The only downside thus far is that I spend extra time in the shower making sure I'm distributing the production thoroughly through my hair, and that I'm rinsing well. Oh well, small price to pay in my opinion.

I'll periodically post updates on my no-poo journey and include some before and after pics as well.

If you want more info on WEN, check out the website, and you can purchase products there, at Sephora (in store or online), or on

Here's to no 'pooing!

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